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Motorola Brazil to hold Hackathon

Motorola Mobility is about to hold a big Hackathon in Brazil this month. The event will take place at the ElDorado Institute, on May 20-21. Developers from all over the country are invited to join.

This is not the first hackathon Moto has done. There's been one in China, Argentina, two in the US and now one in Brazil. Given that Motorola is huge in Brazil (biggest market for the company), expect many developers to take part of this Mod the Future Hackathon.

The prizes include the Moto Z and Z Play, MDK )Mod Development Kit) and guidance from Motorola itself. As usual, the company will choose the best ideas to support. In the past, the company picked some innovative Mods like the Breathalyzer Mod and Keyboard Mod.

You can learn more at the Motorola Brasil Community.

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