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Moto C's removable battery will be great!

Two days ago, Moto announced the Moto C and C Plus smartphones. They are the cheapest high-quality smartphones you will find on the market and come in a variety of colors (full specs here).

But one small detail that was rarely mentioned was its removable battery. Motorola is including large, removable batteries in its lower-end devices now, from the Moto G4 Play to the Moto G5, and this feature is appreciated by developing markets. Users will probably buy an extra battery to make their phone last even more.

The balance of screen resolution and battery size in these devices will also make the battery huge. Plus, Android Nougat with Doze Mode is gonna make it last even longer. Get ready for 2+ days of juice!

Really can't wait for the Moto C Plus massive 4,000mAH battery. It's one of the selling points for me. That and the nice back colors. 
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