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Leaks, leaks and more leaks

I hear all of you loud and clear, you love leaks and you want us to talk about them. At some point, I liked them too. I've been a crazy fan since 2007 and even then everything leaked ahead of the official release. The thing is that only a couple of sites would talk about it, there was no social media and nobody really cared.

Ten years later, things are getting out of hand for Motorola and Lenovo to control product leaks. In some ways, we look silly for not sharing leaks, but we just feel it's not the right thing to do. Think about it: the company spends months creating a new product and investing money in a release date (events, promo material and so on) and then the big surprise, the hype and any kind of anticipation is ruined by a leak. And we are not talking about a small leak, we all know how it's been this year.

The Motorola Fans Community will not endorse these leaks. This is our fourth month with over 100K visitors at, and all of this has been possible without leaking or sharing leaks. We do hope Motorola and Lenovo can double up their efforts to prevent further leaks.
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