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5 Unknown Facts About Motorola

Hello everyone, I'm Harshith from India, and I  find huge interest in the "History" of everything! For my first post I chose rare facts about Motorola!

Whenever anyone hears the name "Motorola", the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic flip phone. However, there are lots of innovations that are less known. In this post I'll cover a few:

1.Motorola was First to invent Car Radios
The First products under the Motorola brand were car radios, popular in 1930s. Some of the car radios are Police Cruiser Radio Receiver (1936), 2-way radio (1939), Handie-Talkie SCR 536, FM portable 2-way radio (1943), Car Radiotelephone (1946), Dispatcher 2-way radios (1947), Sporter radio (1940).
Also in the home entertainment, the Home entertainment radio (1937).

2.Well known Motorola logo
After the huge success of Motorola radios, in 1947 Galvin Manufacturing Corporation renamed itself to Motorola Inc. In June 1955 Motorola introduced a new brand logo, the stylized "M" insignia, or "emsignia".

A company manager said:

"The two aspiring triangle peaks arching into an abstracted "M" typified the progressive leadership-minded outlook of the company".

Motorola's well known logo was designed by Zeke Ziner.

3. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
In 1988,Motorola Inc. became one of the First Companies to receive "Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award". Motorola was the only major manufacturer to win company-wide.

4.iDEN i1000 plus
In 1999, Motorola launched the iDEN i1000 plus, the World's First Smartphone with web browsing and email functionality. It was used for making calls, sending messages and faxes and more.

5.National Medal of Technology    
In a White House Ceremony (Feb 2006), Motorola was awarded the "National Medal of  Technology, 2004" for its 75 years of achievement in technology and innovation.

Thanks for reading!
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