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What's Inside a Motorola TeleTAC from 1995

Motorola phones have always been known for being robust and durable. "The Brick" was the nickname for some of the 80s and 90s Motorola phones, and even with more recent devices like the RAZR and the Moto Z, the company has kept their tradition of making unbreakable phones.

But what's inside one of the phones known as "The Brick"? We want to show you how Motorola made the 1995 TeleTAC 250 phone. This TeleTAC was disassembled this week so you can all check out its internals, its board, and all the components that made this phone a "brick". Notice how all the internals have the batwing logo, how many chips and components are in that board and how amazing the whole thing looks.

The original TeleTAC was sold for $2,499 back in the 90s. Three versions of it were released in the 90s, with this one being form 1995. It came with a 1-line display that would only light in red. 

The phone was made in the USA and in Brazil.

Big thanks to Matías Bolaño for the pictures!
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