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Result: the best designed Moto (POLL)

The results are in! Motorola never disappoints with its designs, so we asked our readers to vote for their favorite Moto design among the current portfolio. 

The votes are in, and the results do not surprise at all. The Moto Z family takes the crown, with 69% of the votes. Shockingly, it's not followed by the new Moto G5 family, as it's followed by the G4 family from 2016. We were expecting this to be the opposite, as the Moto G5 comes in a premium, all-metal design which looks similar to the Moto Z.

The Moto M takes the third place, proving to be an impressive design. Last but not least, the Moto G5 family takes the fourth and last place of our poll, with 9% of the votes.

What do you think about these results? Which one would you vote for?
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