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Motorola will launch new Accessories and Car products this week!

Binatone's Motorola Accessories will show some of their new products for 2017 at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, which is this week. As you know, Binatone's Motorola is the one making mobile accessories, home and car products. 

The company will showcase the Signature Series, which got all of us hyped since they were first shown at CES. This collection of 5 retro speakers are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected, Alexa compatible and come in premium, wooden-made designs.

Binatone will launch the new line of car accessories, which includes the already launched Dash Cam, a newer model with a different design, and two new car navigation systems. I can exclusively confirm that one of them runs Android on a quad-core processor.

Some audio accessories will also be shown at the event. This includes wired and wireless headphones and speakers. We will share pictures of these new products as soon as the Fair begins!

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