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Moto Z will never be as dirty as other phones

You go to work every day. You take the subway. You stop by Starbucks to grab your favorite frappuccino before hitting the office. All of these tasks are part of your routine. And you are very aware of all the germs and bacteria in those places. That's why you wash your hands many times, right? 

But there's something you touch at least 100 times per day that you never sanitized, and it gets more and more germs as the day goes through. That's your smartphone! Recent studies pointed out your smartphone might be even dirtier than a public restroom. Crazy, right?

But there's a Motorola product that might help reduce these germs and bacteria party on your phone. That's the Moto Z and the Style Shells. Maybe Moto didn't even think about this, but the whole modular concept is great for having a clean(er) phone. 

Think about it. The most used MotoMod is the Style Shell, and some users own more than one. The great thing about the Style Shells is that you can swap them out, wash them in the sink or sanitize them without actually harming your device. Even with water resistant devices, it would be a streneous task and it might leave soap in some parts of your device. Same happens if you wash third party covers, that you might damage after a while. But with the Style Shell, you can easily wash it and swap it back. 

Now the back of your phone, where you place most of your hand, won't be full of germs!

Oh... and Happy Easter, Motorola Fans!

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