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Moto phones will still come with stock Android globally

Earlier today, many news blogs started reporting the Moto Z (2017) and all the upcoming Moto smartphones would feature Lenovo's ZUI. That's the user interface for the ZUK brand, in case you didn't know. It's a custom user interface designed exclusively for chinese needs.

These sites reported that Lenovo's Vice President (for China) said on Weibo that all the upcoming phones would come with such UI. Once again, everyone overreacted, as that's a China-only move. Since last year, Moto phones in China have come with Lenovo's Vibe UI, but given that the ZUK user interface is better, they have been testing it out and now they've officially decided to include it on Moto phones in China.

First of all, do you think Motorola and Lenovo are dumb? They know it's one of the selling points of the Moto products and they've stated many times they'll stick to stock Android outside China. This rumor often pops up and everyone has a breakdown. It happened in 2014, 2015 and 2016. And it never turned out to be true.

And although we can't share leaks, we all have already seen how those leaks look like and they show stock Android, specially in the lowest-end of those leaks. So what makes you think they won't come with stock Android when you've already seen they come with it?

So rest assured that Motorola phones outside China will come with the stock Android you love.
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