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Moto M2: would you be here for it?

The Western World has big fascination for the Asian-Eastern Europe exclusive Moto M smartphone. Released last year, the phone became an instant hit, selling 3 million units in less than six months. But this beautiful phone never came to the Americas or to Western Europe, leaving some fans thirsty for more.

The design of the Moto M was a true evolution to the Moto G and Moto X design language. It kept some key elements that made fans of those original designs very interested in the M. The specs and the low price might have been the reason this device never reached most regions. The Moto M is a powerful device running on a processor that isn't very popular outside Asia.

But what about a Moto M2 later this year? This is not really a "concept", but more of a question. Still, I spent like half an hour on Photoshop editing some pics to show my idea of an M2, released globally and running a Snapdragon processor. Keep in mind that the M is a mid-tier phone that should keep its price tag under $300.

Moto M2 Front
Without growing the actual size of the phone, Moto could follow the trend of edge-to-edge displays with curved edges (I'm not too keen on this trend but many people are asking for it). The original size of the Moto M could be kept while the screen could grow by .2" to 5.7".

Most of the change would be on the inside, including a 2.0GHz Octa-Core Snapdragon 625 which is very battery-friendly, while also having 4GB of RAM and a 3,300mAH battery. The back of the phone would have some little cosmetic changes too, like having the Motorola logo on the "dimple" and fingerprint scanner, which should also be bigger. And there's a 16MP dual-camera too.

Moto M2 Back
Here's one last picture of it. Enjoy!

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