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Have you seen the black & grey Moto M?

Motorola and Lenovo released the gold Moto M in Q4 2016, but earlier this year, two new variants of it were released: white/silver and black/grey. It seems that most of the 3 million Moto M devices sold worldwide were gold, and the black/grey version is kinda rare to see these days.

The Moto M features a 5.5" 1080p screen, an all-metal design, a 16MP camera and a 64 bit MediaTek processor. All of this is powered by a 3,000mAH battery. The phone costs less than $250 in most regions released (Asia, Europe and the Middle East).

Even if you search for it online, there are a few pictures of it and only one Youtube review of this black variant, which to us looks even better than the gold one! Here's the only video we found about it:

Are you as interested as we are to see the black Moto M? Can you help us find some pictures of this black variant of the Moto M so we can share them to the community? We would really appreciate it.

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