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Cancelled Motorola Gaming Phone from 2011

2011 and 2012 were some interesting years for Motorola Mobility. The company had just become an independent company, a spin-off from the original Motorola (which renamed itself to Motorola Solutions), and many innovative products were coming out of the Chicago-based company.

We saw the Atrix, the Xoom tablet, the Droid RAZR and the MotoACTV. But there were many other concepts that never saw the light of the day. One of them was this next phone we are going to show you. We don't know its name or its features, as it's form 6 years ago and just emerged online today, we just know it's a concept from 2011. 

Looks very cool. And kinda looks Lenovo-ish to me, even though Lenovo didn't acquire Motorola until 2014. But it does resemble some of the early Vibe phones. You can see from the pics it came with a rotating camera, rear stereo speakers,  3D camera, a large screen and a rear fingerprint scanner.

Following Moto's 2011 standards, my guess is that it would've come with a TI-OMAP dual-core processor or an NVIDIA Tegra dual-core SoC, backed by a rather-large battery. The phone seems to have a camera bump like the Droid RAZR, but it would have been in portrait-mode kind as opposed to the RAZR's chin. Cool, right? 

I wish we could learn more about cancelled devices from the past. They are so cool and we know so little about them!

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