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This week in Moto: recap

Each week, something cool happens in the Moto World. Whether it's a new product, some rumor or some company news, no one can deny it's one of the most interesting brands out there.

I'll do a weekly recap of what's going on with Motorola, so each week you'll see a post like this one that gives you all the relevant news going on in the Moto World. Are you ready?

Moto G5 Plus breaks records in India

The G5 Plus was released in India last week, and according to Flipkart, 72K devices were sold during launch day. 

That translates to 50 devices sold per minute. Some variants are out of stock right now due to this huge popular demand.

Read more here.

The full Motorola brand is back!

To promote this big release, Motorola India published a few advertisements. This one was in The Times of India newspaper, and it features something the fans will love. 
Yes, that's the full Motorola name right there. It's the first time in years it's being shown, and it even got a new font!

Read more here.

Two new products released! 

Motorola Accessories just released two new products: the Dash Cam and the VerveLoop.

The Dash Cam is a smart camera for cars with wide angle lens, while the VerveLoop features water resistance and comes in a variety of colors.

Read more here.

Motorola Solutions ain't playin' 

Motorola Solutions bought a company on Monday sued another one on Tuesday. 
The Chicago-based company is suing one of its competitors, for patent infringement and stealing trade secrets. 
It's also buying a Latin American network company to expand its services in the region.

Read more here.

I re-edited the Hellomoto ringtone 

I did my own edit of the 2017 Hellomoto ringtone, and a lot of people downloaded it. It quickly became the most read post here and over 500 people downloaded it. Have you heard it yet?

Download here.

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