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The new Motorola wordmark logo

In a really surprising turn of events, which made the fans really happy, the Motorola name will be embraced more starting this year. To kick off this new marketing strategy, Motorola has changed its wordmark logo for the first time since 2013. This is the biggest visual change the brand has had in decades. 

Note that the iconic batwing isn't being changed, but the wordmark part of the logo is. The first time this wordmark logo was shown was in the ad promoting the Moto G5 Plus in India. The logo looks familiar because it's using the same design the "Moto" wordmark has used since 2016 (which you can see on the Moto Z, Moto M and Moto G5 phones).

Times of India advertisement

Today, the Moto Spain account changed its cover picture to the Motorola wordmark, confirming this will be the wordmark design going forward. The Ukraine Moto account also posted a picture yesterday with the same design, while the Moto M launch in Indonesia showed the new design in all the visuals and pormo pictures. As with all marketing strategies, it can't be done overnight, but it does follow the MWC announcements of the full brand's comeback. In my opinion, both Motorola, Moto and Lenovo logos can co-exist visually, and it's great for the biggest fans to see the full name back in action. Take a look:

Indonesian promo picture for the Moto M

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