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Motorola teases RAZR Mod

Motorola fans have been waiting this moment for years. If this is not an early April Fool's joke or a mistaken Facebook post, then it might really happen. Yes, the RAZR is coming back!

Motorola released the MotoRAZR in 2004, and it was the best selling smartphone in the USA until November 2008, more than four years after its release. The company went on to sell 150 million units worldwide, release a second generation in 2007 and an Android reboot in 2011, which also became a best-seller in the US.

Moto Malaysia randomly posted the following picture on Facebook, which says "An icon returns, as a Moto Mod". It also says they are "Bringing back the iconic Moto that changed the 2000s." Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I am excited, even if it's not a phone, but a Mod. And there's no other phone from the 2000s as iconic as the RAZR, so it definitely is a RAZR comeback!

Will it come with the iconic external display/frame the V3 had? Will it be an all-metal Mod? 

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