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CNET: Motorola brand not going away

Remember January 2016? That was an awful time for us. But we pulled through as Moto(rola) kept impressing us. But now it's 2017 and a new CNET report is saying the Motorola brand won't be rebranded, and instead embraced more than ever.

Roger Cheng, who wrote the infamous "Goodbye Motorola: Lenovo to phase out the iconic brand", now wrote this new piece. After reading the original article, we were like this:

But now he sat down with Motorola Mobility executives during Mobile World Congress, who told him there was a change of mind and that the Motorola name is not going anywhere. You might have noticed this as well during the launch event, in which the Motorola name was mentioned and showed on screen many times. 

Last year was a confusing time for the business. First, there was the plan to phase out the Motorola name in favor of "Moto by Lenovo," its Chinese parent. Then there was the question of how the Lenovo brand would co-exist with Moto.
With a new leadership team, things have changed. The business will no longer shy away from using the Motorola name, putting the iconic "bat wing" icon front and center. The original Motorola, after all, invented the cellphone, and Lenovo hopes to tap into that legacy.
In the interview, Motorola's President says they will double efforts in the US with more carrier availability and that the brand will be the only Lenovo mobile brand, but that might take time depending on the region. The company also said the Moto Z sales are improving with time, thanks to the interest in the new Mods. 

Motorola's CMO, Jan Huckfeldt also points out "It was foolish to throw it overboard" (talking about the Motorola brand). "Give us 12 months, and everyone in the US will know the new Motorola".
So, how are we, Motorola Fans feeling now? We are definitely feeling like this:


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