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Welcome to the Motorola Fans Website!

We are live! Welcome to the first ever Motorola Fans blog. This blog was created to promote the Motorola brand, including news and products from Motorola Mobility, Motorola Solutions and Motorola licensees.

The aim of this blog is to provide our readers relevant information about past, current and upcoming Motorola products. The site has some cool sections, like our History section and the Products section, which gives a complete look into the most iconic Motorola-branded products from recent years.

The blog is managed by the Motorola Fans Community, that previous to this was only on social media, where it was the largest community for any smartphone brand, with over 100K followers across Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

It is time that we have our blog to post current Motorola news, so we hope you enjoy reading our editorials, articles, throwbacks and more.

Felipe Berhau
Motorola Fans Community
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