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WaterProof MotoMod coming soon!

Motorola is ready to launch its next MotoMod. Lenovo's SVP shared a picture on Weibo about this new Mod, which will make your Moto Z a water resistant device. 

This is the rumored "Adventure Mod" that has been in the talks for months now. It will be some kind of rugged case/bumper/mod that will seal the Z allowing you to use it underwater.

We can also see from the picture that it adds some bulk to the device and it's probably very rugged. There's also a different camera lens shown in the picture, so it might bring an improved camera for outdoors usage.

Moto promised to launch new Mods every quarter, so this one might come out fairly soon. Stay tuned for more details.

Source: Gina Qiao Via: HellomotoHK
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