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Motorola's CMO talks MotoMods

Jan Huckfeldt became Motorola's Chief Marketing Officer in May 2016 and since then has turned around Motorola and its Moto brand -along with the marketing team- into something fans are totally loving. The return of the iconic "Hellomoto" trademark and the new colorful logos are just one side of what's to come. 

He recently gave an interview to CNBC India, in which he talks Moto Z, MotoMods, marketing and more. Check it out:

Huckfeldt talks about the power of the Motorola brand in India, and also how Lenovo and Motorola-branded phones differentiate, yet complement each other. He also gives a little tease of what to expect from Moto in the coming months (in terms of marketing) and even gives viewers a demo of the Mods. 

Fun fact: he prefers the Z Play over the regular Z. Why? The insane battery life, he says. He expects the Moto brand to be on 50% of consumers' top-of-mind list in the near future.

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