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Motorola Coin unboxing & First Impressions

It's been months since the Motorola Coin was released in India. The new wearable device just passed the FCC though, which means the US and the rest of the world will see the round device in stores soon. The Coin offers Bluetooth, GPS tracking and comes in a variety of colors. Check out its specs here.

The Coin comes in the typical Binatone-made box. It's a rather small package with red Motorola batwings.

The box has a window into the product itself and shows the dedicated "Hubble" app, which will let you set-up your wearable from your phone. The app shows where your Coin is, thanks to GPS tracking. It also lets you set up SOS alerts you can send to your beloved ones.

The device itself is tiny, and you can open it up to check what's inside, or to remove its battery after its one-year battery life runs out of juice. It comes with a handy tool to open it up.

The device works like a charm with the latest app update. Here you can see some screenshots of the app. It's very easy to set up and it didn't lose connection even once. 

And remember, this device costs under $20 US dollars, so it's fairly affordable and offers great quality. We wish some of the features performed faster, but it's Bluetooth after all, and sometimes it's slow by milliseconds.

How handy will this be after some weeks? Can't answer that. Wearables, to most people, have proven to be gimmicky. The Coin adds some useful features, however. SOS alerts and key/phone tracking will come handy to a lot of people, and you won't have to worry about battery life for a year. 

Binatone did a great job overall. And with the recent FCC approval, you will be able to get the device very soon.

Review by Harshith Sharma & Felipe Berhau

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