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Amazon + Motorola: Moto Z getting Alexa, new Mods coming!

Amazon and Motorola have just announced its partnership yesterday but now it's even more official with a press release on Moto's Blog. Amazon Alexa will become a Moto Mods partner from now on.

There will be an Alexa Moto Mod that acts as a speaker and also lets you control your Alexa-connected gadgets. But that's not all! Alexa will be integrated into every Motorola phone later this year. And Moto says you won't have to unlock your phone to use it. Will it replace Google Now?

Motorola also announced the Power Pack Mod is coming in March, which will add 50% more battery to your Moto Z. Its price will be $49 when it gets released. Oh, and the GamePad Mod is coming this summer!

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