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Rediscover the outdoors with the upcoming Motorola products

Motorola keeps getting bigger! Now through a brand licensing deal with Zenus Technology, you will see Motorola-branded outdoor products this year. This includes lanterns and smart speakers.

For nearly 90 years the Motorola name has been synonymous with quality, innovation and trust around the world. Over 100 million products sold each year carry the Motorola name and demonstrate the brand's lasting power and continued relevance in today's ever-evolving marketplace.

The first products to be released are:

  • LUMO smart lanterns: they come with Bluetooth and sync with a dedicated app that let you set up the color (over 16 million colors to choose!). 
  • Hybrid & Modular flash lights: MotoMods go outdoors! These ones will tell you the temperature. You will be able to attach power banks, alarm clocks and speaker "mods".
  • Wearable LED lights: you can charge them through its micro-USB port and even include a pedometer that will sync with the dedicated app.
  • Weather radios: AM/FM radios that charge through solar energy. 
  • Bluetooth speakers: featuring IPX4 water resistance, these speakers will feature Touch2Share technology.

The new Motorola products will be part of "Motorola Home", which is the name the company uses for all its licensed products and can be found at the website. Last year, Motorola-branded home networking products were introduced and quickly became Amazon best-sellers. At the same time, Motorola is the best selling baby monitor brand in the US and Europe thanks to licensing deals like this one. 


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