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Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is the biggest, most successful Motorola out there, and it's also the original remaining business of the company founded in 1928, while the other Motorolas are either a spin-off or have a license to use the iconic name. Motorola Solutions is worth 14B dollars and sells business and public-safety products.

Motorola Solutions leads public-safety, so what is it? It's everything we don't see. It's all the communications between agencies, firefighters, paramedics, industry workers, policemen and so on. Motorola Solutions does what Motorola did 88 years ago: connect people in real-time to make the world a safer and better place.

From two-way radio products to software solutions that enable faster communication between first responders, Motorola Solutions is there to improve productivity, prevent disasters and reduce crime.  

What is Motorola Solutions?

Products and Services

WAVE: smart PTT platform that allows you to communicate with radios, PCs, landlines and smartphones to increase productivity. 

LEX L10 Smartphone: rugged quad-core smartphone that runs a secure Android version.

Talkabout and TLKR: consumer two-way radios for outdoor activities.

MOTOTRBO: range of two-way radios designed for organizations, businesses and industry workers that comes with applications and accessories that will allow you to work more efficiently in the harshest conditions.

Si Series: wearable cameras for public-safety that allow real-time streaming to agencies and governments.

Pagers: compact devices that provide instant communication inside businesses and government agencies.

Broadband: modems and LTE systems that allow faster public-safety speeds.

Irrigation systems: Motorola's IrriNet platform provides water-irrigation solutions to farms across the world.

Mobile Intelligence and cyber-security: services for government agencies that improve security and fastens communications.

APX and Project 25: a wide range of devices, from rugged two-way radios to smart handhelds.

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