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Hellomoto! I'm Felipe, from Uruguay. I've been obsessed with the Motorola brand for over ten years. Its rich history, its iconic logo and its awesome designs are what made me become the biggest Motorola collector in the world, with a large Moto Museum at home. I'm actively promoting the brand through my social media community and sometimes Moto invites me to visit their Argentina office and I have a little chat with them.

All the three Motorolas listen to my crazy ideas and sometimes think they are good enough to apply. That's what I love about them. They are always listening to fan requests. Other companies don't do that.

I am proud of the community we built and I'm always thinking about our next step. That's why I also created this website, which I'm really excited about. Soon all the biggest fans will be able to write articles in it.

My first Motorola device was a V360 in 2006, and my current device is a gold Moto Z. My favourite device is the iconic AURA, followed by the RAZR V3i/V3xx (tie), the Droid RAZR and the Moto Z. I own over 170 phones, collectible stuff and accessories that I keep on display as you can see below:

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