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Motorola Lovers is the largest social media community for Moto and any other brand out there, gathering over 150K followers across social media. Motorola Lovers was born as Motorola Fans in 2014 and has been actively promoting Motorola Mobility, Motorola Solutions and its brand licensing business, known as Motorola Home. 

The dedicated website was created in 2017 to provide real-time updates on new products, rumors (not leaks), device reviews and history throwbacks to enrich our large social media community. The site is run by me, Felipe Berhau, Motorola's craziest, most annoying fan. 

The site is open to everyone who wants to promote and support the brand. There are Indian, German, American and Latin American fans contributing to the community in our social media pages. 

In May 2017 we lost our facebook community and had to start over. That didn't stop us, though, and I'm happy to say we are the largest social media community for any smartphone brand out there. 

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